Terms and Conditions

This page contains the Terms and Conditions of business for Shelby’s Auctioneers limited. Please read carefully.

PLEASE NOTE there are two sections to this page – Sellers Terms and Conditions and Buyers Terms and Conditions.

T&C of Sale – Sellers 

Terms and conditions of vendor Shelby’s Auctioneers Ltd: Westfield house, Broad Lane, Bramley, Leeds, LS13 3HA

  1. Items will not be accepted for auction unless you have read the terms and conditions of sale as listed below. Your signature on your booking in form is also your acceptance of our terms of sale.
  2. There is a Vendors lot fee of £4.00 per lot with a commission fee of 20%. The 20% commission is charged only when the item sells. The £4.00 lot fee is charged even if the item does not sell. The lot charges and commission are deducted from your final bill and payment is sent out to you in the post.
  3. The vendor has a choice to put any reserve on any items offered for sale guided by the valuer.
  4. All unsold items must be collected from Shelby’s Auctioneers Ltd by the latest Friday at 12.00 noon the week of the sale. Any items that are not collected must be arranged with a member of staff to be re –entered or disposed of by telephoning the office on 01132502626.
  5. Shelby’s Auctioneers Ltd reserve the right to dispose of any items that have not been collected by 12.00 noon on the Friday the week of the sale. we will either  dispose of items or sell any uncollected items unless you have arranged to collect them at a later date.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse any item for auction.
  7.  Shelby’s Auctioneers Ltd will not test any electrical equipment on your behalf. If an item has been returned as not working then you will have to come and collect the item and remove from it the premises .you will still incur the charges as set out above.
  8. To conform to all DTI regulations Shelby’s Auctioneers Ltd will not accept any electrical items which do not have a BSI conforming plug fitted. Cookers, fridges and freezers must be clean. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY MAINS CONNECTABLE GAS APPLIANCES.
  9. We are unable to accept any furniture item or items that do not have FLAME RETARDANT LABELS on them.
  10. All items placed in Shelby’s Auctioneers Ltd for sale are done so at the vendors own risk- we do not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to any of your items offered for sale.
  11. You must make a booking or a collection by appointment.
  12. to bring items down to us or to have your items collected by us for offer of sale by Shelby’s auctioneers Ltd Please phone : 01132502626 or mobile number 07764405701.

T&C of Sale – Buyers


Terms and conditions of buyer Shelby’s Auctioneers Ltd: Westfield house, Broad Lane, Bramley, Leeds, LS13 3HA

  1. There is a 20% added commission fee on any item bought from Shelby’s Auctioneers Limited.
  2. All items successfully bid on MUST BE PAID FOR ON THE NIGHT OF SALE.
  3. Shelby’s Auctioneers Limited reserve the right to dispose of the remaining items by sale or donation if the items have been left for longer than 7 days.  We do not accept any responsibility for items left on the premises after the close of the auction.
  4. ABSENTEE BIDS must be entered on to the provided absentee bid form and fully completed before given to a member of staff. Please remember to telephone on Wednesday Morning to see if you were successful on any item / items that you were bidding on (0113 2502626).
  5. EVERYONE MUST have a bidding card in order to bid on items offered in auction. One bidding card per person and no group bidding allowed. Failure to show a bidding card will result in your bid not being accepted.
  6. There is a refundable deposit of £10.00 for each card issued – should that card be damaged in any way, we reserve the right to refuse the return of the deposit.
  7. ALL goods purchased must be checked BEFORE leaving the auction house as discrepancies cannot be resolved once items have been removed from the premises and we take no responsibility for items that have left the premises.
  8. ALL DAMAGES/BREAKAGES must be paid for. The compensatory amount is either the reserve or whichever is the higher amount and paid for at the time of damage.
  9. ALL JEWELLERY items in the cabinets may be fully inspected by any prospective purchaser, only one item at a time and no responsibility will be taken for misguided selling of an item it is down to the buyer to decide whether or not to purchase the item. whilst every effort has been made to verify the authenticity of the item.
  10. Shelby’s Auctioneers Limited take no responsibility for any damages or contents left in vehicles left in any of the car parking areas.
  11. We regret that children under the age of FOURTEEN will NOT be admitted. Children between the ages of FOURTEEN and EIGHTEEN must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times during viewing times.
  12.  During the auction there are no children allowed.